About us

Mucky Gym Wear is the brainchild of Friends Mat Sands and Dave Davies. Both are Cheshire-based lads who have spent many years honing their skills and talents across a broad range of different businesses.

Mat and Dave first began working collaboratively when they were still in school, where they successfully sold mobile phones and accessories to their peers. At this time they also worked at the local market, where their drive and enthusiasm saw them working before and after school as well as at the weekends.

Driven by a commitment to offering excellence and great value to their customers, when Dave and Mat left school, both found full time employment; however, that yearning to be their own boss remained. It was not long until Mat and Dave had set up their own individual businesses, running them successfully alongside their full time jobs.

Over the past decade, Mat and Dave have worked individually on four different businesses alongside their full time jobs, and all of these have proven to be successful business ventures in their own right. However, that desire to work together again, to pool their talent, skills and resources to work on a business that inspired them both, proved too strong to resist.

Therefore, after a meeting for an initial discussion at their local coffee shop in early 2016, Mat and Dave realised that their shared passion for health and physical fitness could be the catalyst for their new business venture. The idea for Mucky Gym Wear was now beginning to take shape.

With Mat and Dave both having a keen interest in physical fitness, as well as the fashion industry, it soon became apparent that their keen eye for detail and drive to achieve the highest possible standards could be put to good use developing a bold and innovative type of clothing for the fashion conscious gym-goer.

What Mat and Dave wanted for their new business wasn’t simply an alternative to the widespread style of gym clothing you can find at many local stores. Instead, what Mucky Gym Wear offers is a unique and fashionable alternative to standard gym wear and accessories; a chance for the gym-goer to express their personality through their choice of clothing.

Mucky Gym Wear is suitable for all gym-goers of all ages and across a wide range of different sports and disciplines. “Let’s Get Mucky” reflects Mat and Dave’s attitude of getting stuck in, not being afraid to push the boundaries, working hard and getting things done to achieve your targets. Precisely the attitude any gym-goer needs to reach their personal goals.